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Special Events Special Events
Want to meet people and have a new experience? South Bay Sailing offers group sails and parties throughout the year. Join us for our Sailing Sunday & BBQ on the first Sunday of every month.
Racing Local and Long Distance Racing
At South Bay Sailing, we believe that racing is one of the biggest and most fun parts of sailing, and we fully support it. If you are looking for the perfect corporate team building activity, or you are looking to crew for a boat, give us a call or email us for more information.
Lessons Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lessons for All Ages
We offer a vast array of adult lessons at South Bay Sailing, including four of the ASA Standards, which can be completed in as little as 8 Lessons. We also offer uniquely created courses that you won't find anywhere else.
Charters Charters for Any Occasion
Interested in sailing, but haven't tried it yet? South Bay Sailing offers an array of chartering options for you to choose from. Embark on a cruise along the beaches of the South Bay with friends or coworkers, or take a romantic champagne sail with your loved one.
Youth Camps Seasonal Youth Camps
Looking for an after-school, spring, or summer sailing camp for your children? The youth camps we offer here at South Bay Saling are great options for your children, especially if they are looking for a fun, unforgettable experience.
Local Marine Wildlife Local Wildlife
Whether it's sea lions balancing on bouys, whales breaching during Winter, or dolphins racing alongside sailboats during Summer, the local marine wildlife loves to put on a show. Experience marine nature on one of our charters or cruises, both offered year round.
Sunset Cruises Sunset Cruises
In search of a romantic surprise for your significant other? Book a Sunset Cruise and enjoy the sunset together as you sail down the South Bay's beautiful coastline.

South Bay Sailing: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I get there?
You should arrive at the dock about 10 minutes before your sail time.

How long will my sail last?
Your sail lasts for the amount of time you have purchased. Your sail begins at your scheduled reservation time. We will board the boat, spend a couple of minutes at the dock to get you oriented and then cast off.

Will I get wet?
We do our best to keep you as dry as possible, however there is always a risk of splash. We recommend you bring a change of pants if you are planning to go somewhere immediately after your sail.

What should I wear? Will I get cold?
The daytime high in Redondo Beach varies about 20 degrees throughout the year from about 80 degrees to about 60 degrees. Most days, winter or summer, are in the high 60's to low 70's. Annual temperature readings for Redondo Beach can be found here.
We recommend that you check the weather for Redondo Beach on the day of your sail, dress appropriately for that temperature and bring an extra layer on top of that. The temperature does drop pretty significantly during the sunset sail so bring extra layers if your sail spans sunset. If you dress appropriately for the temperature in Redondo Beach at the time of your sail, you will have a comfortable and enjoyable sail.
Make sure to wear comfortable shoes for your sail. Flip flops and sneakers are fine. We do not recommend high heels or hard soled shoes as the boat can be slippery.

How do I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation by calling us at 310-937-3180 or emailing us at

Do you have minimum age? Are children allowed?
Children are welcome to join us. Children under 13 are required to wear a life jacket on our boats. If you have your own life jackets, you are welcome to bring them or you may use our life jackets.

I can't swim!
That's okay! We don't like to get wet either. Our boats are keelboats, which means they have a weighted fin underneath to prevent the boat from capsizing, and they are encircled by life lines to keep everyone on board. We also have life jackets for you to wear for the duration of your sail. Just let your instructor know if you would like one to wear before you cast off.

Why don't you answer your phone?
Sometimes all of the staff is on the water, and sometimes we're just on the other line. Always leave us a voice message, so we can call you back as soon as we get back to the office or off the phone. If you don't leave us a message, we can't call you back. Make sure you leave your number slowly and clearly in every message. If we can't understand you, we can't call you back.

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South Bay Sailing offers charters and lessons for all levels and ages, all year long. If you're looking to learn how to sail, a great summer camp for your kids, a romantic cruise for you and your loved one to take, or you just need a relaxing escape after a busy week, look no further.

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Feel free to contact us at any time. Our Business Hours are from 9:00am to sunset every day of the week. If we are on the water when you call, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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